Hello Friends,

If you haven’t noticed I love games. I love the strategy, anticipation, the rush of winning. It’s a way to escape reality for a while and enjoy the moment. Feel a sense of accomplishment and maybe have a prize to show for it. And then, with my spirits lifted and I feel like a winner, I’m ready to face the world again. Make phone calls, keep up the what’s going on at my kids schools, take care of the house. basically getting back to adulting. I have a “trophy” shelf in my room that sparks joy on an otherwise average day. (Don’t touch my shelf Marie Condo)

I created this blog to share my experiences and to connect with those who share my passion.

Life is challenging and full of ups and down. And we work hard to do our best. But every now and then we need a little pick me up, an escape, a win.

Mission statement: Share my joy through Blogging and YouTube

Dream goal: To be sent free toys to review

Why should you read/watch?

Because you like surprises, toys, games, tickets or you’re a supportive friend

What if you think unboxing toys and arcades are stupid?

No problem, but keep it to your self. 😁 There is another blog/channel out there for you.