Hey Guys,

The fourth series of Hairdorables are here! New looks, new scents, new themes, new reusable cases and 3 new characters!

My Daughter and I love collecting these dolls! We try and guess which Hairdorable we are getting as we open each blind bag. (*Caution* This series comes with stickers of the doll you are getting and their name on their hairbrush. We leave the stickers in the bags and take out the brush bristles forward so we don’t see the name.) Series 4 has three scented themes, Carnival Cuties, Garden Party and Splash Sensation. Plus there are three new dolls, Featuring Phoebe, Garden Sage and So Extra Emily. We were totally thrown off when we opened So Extra Emily. She came with a Splash Sensation background but had cosmetic cases for her accessories. It was a fun surprise!

Check out my unboxing video on YouTube:

Make sure to check out there website and take the quiz to see which Hairdorables you are.