Hairdorables Shortcuts

How to find the one you are looking for.


I found an amazing blog with excellent information of finding the Hairdorables Shortcut you are looking for.

Here is a link

This Blog has the printed codes for each doll for beginning codes 1269MT01 and 1349MT01. I figured out the codes for 1129MT01 and how to figure out the code if the beginning one is different.

Here are the codes for beginning code 1129MT01. The dolls are always in this order.

Dancing Dillion 101

Hip Hop Dillion 102

Team Charlie 103

Super Fan Charlie 104

Sweet CeeCee 105

Vitamin CeeCee 106

Super Star Zoe 107

Jammin’ Zoe 108

Pixel Quinn 109

Book Worm Quinn 110

Dog Walkin’ Robin 111

Pet sittin’ Robin 112

Galactic Stella 113

Jurassic Stella 114

Emma Zooms 115

Say Cheese Emma 116

Hoop C Daisy 117

Bloomin’ Daisy 118

Vibrant Violet 119

DIY Violet 120

Marisol in Flight 121

Sun-Kissed Marisol 122

Magical Maya 123

Mighty Maya 124

Ultimate Maya 125

The codes are the best way to find the one you are looking for but here is some other information that might be helpful.

Hey Friends, I have opened some series one and series three Haridorables but I haven’t tried the Hairdorables Shortcuts yet. I thought it would be fun to do a little research on these doll and see if there is anyway to tell which doll you are going to get. This post will be all the info I gathered and next week I will post a video unboxing and see if what I found holds up. Please feel free to add your experience  opening Hairdorables Shortcuts in the comments.

I started looking into them this morning and watch several YouTube unboxing videos and here is what I found. There are Three different packaging designs where the character on the front has either blue, green or orange hair. I watched to see if there was a correlation between the packaging and which doll you get. Each doll has a background scene to display that might give us a clue as to which doll we are getting. Also Each doll comes with a hair clip. In the first Hairdorables series each doll came with a different comb. I wondered if it would be the same with the hair clips.

I found three different background
      -Mini golf
      -Toy story
that are random

Hair Clips and Dolls *spoiler alert

It appears that the color and design of the clip are coordinated with each doll.

Clips with bows
-Teal = Scooter Emma
-Purple = Dancing Dillon
-Dark Pink = Book Worm Quinn
-Coral = Hoop C Daisy
-Dark Purple = Dog walkin’ Robin

Clips with Stars
-Dark Pink = DIY Violet
– Yellow = Team Charlie
-Light Purple = Mighty Maya
-Light Pink = Galactic Stella
-Dark Purple = Super Star Zoe
-Hot Pink =  Pet Sit-in’ Robin

Clips with Hearts
-Hot pink = Sweet CeeCee
-Gray = Pixal Quinn
-Light Blue = Blooming’ Daisy
-Teal = Jurassic Stella
-Coral = Say Cheese Emma

The Packaging was somewhat consistant but there were a few outliers. Listed below are the different types of packaging and the number of dolls found in each.

Orange Hair Packaging
-Sweet CeeCee 3
-Emma Zooms 3
-Bloomin’ Daisy 2

Blue Hair Packaging
-Team Charlie 3
-Pixel Quinn 1
-Mighty Maya 1
-Super Star Zoe 1
-DIY Violet 2
-Sweet CeeCee 1
-Hoop C Daisy 2
-Pet Sittin’ Robbin 1
-Galactic Stella 1
-Jurassic Stella 1
-Say Cheese Emma 1

Green Hair Packaging
-Dancing Dillon 1
-Dog Walkin’ Robin 2
-Pet sittin’ Robin 1
-Galactic Stella 2
-Book Worm Quinn 1
-Mightly Maya 1
-Team Charlie 1

Not Found

Dillon,  Hip Hop
Violet, Vibrant
CeeCee, Vitamine
Marisol, in flight
Marisol, sun kissed
Magical Maya
Zoe, Jammin’