What is in Season 2 Pikmi Pops Lollipops?

A whole lot of fun!😁

Opening Pikmi Pops with my kids was a lot of fun. Kaden helped me open a double pack and pointed out that we were looking at the wrong side of the collection paper. Oops! Then both kids helped me open 4 single packs. Valeen thought there might be a correlation between the color of the bottoms half of the lollipops capsule and whether it is common, rare, ultra rare or limited edition. With the four we opened both commons came in purple capsules.

Valeen and I watched some other unboxing videos and found that the color doesn’t have anything to do with what category it’s in but certain Pikmi Pops appear to come in certain colored capsules. So if there is any way to peek at the color of the capsule you have a better change finding the one you are looking for.

Here is what we found

In Pink Capsule

-Tater the dog

-Petrie the wolf

-Snaffle the elephant

-Niblet the hamster

-Oni the otter

Ultra Rare
-Tubbs the whale

In Purple Capsule
 -Brite the deer

 -Erkle the turtle

-Freckle the walrus

-Tazzle the tiger

-Dreya the raccoon

Ultra Rare 

-Noodles the jellyfish

In Blue Capsule
-Rhubarb the kangaroo

-Peebie the cat

-Twig the parakeet
-Nacho the bulldog

-Fawa the fox
-Kazoo the duck

Ultra Rare
-Flubb the Pufferfish

Not found (I’m guessing one will be in pink and one in purple)
– Rare Fluff the Koala
– Rare Mani the Moose

Limited edition (I’m guessing one in each color. Not sure)
– Fancy the Unicorn
– Fuzz the Yeti
– Wisp the Dragon